How Technology Advances Changed Business Processes

By Gitanjali Sharma
February 21, 2017


4.5 billion years ago, amongst the extensive vastness of universe, there was a wandering star that sprung forth life. Little did anyone know that this small planet will become the most thriving, evolving and experiential place in the universe that humans know of. With new discoveries, inventions, new ideologies and billions of futuristic research projects led by the best of minds we now live in a world where we have graduated from being:

  • Hunters to astronauts who take a trip to Mars
  • Using scriptures to using Facebook for connecting with our dear ones
  • Working in our native land to crossing borders and experiencing a new life 9,000 miles away from home
  • Using letters to using Skype
  • Feeling handicapped about not knowing which seeds to use to connecting with an international portal that shares best practices about farming

...this is our present world where connectivity has never been more enabling, thought provoking and mind bending.

But, how did we get here? Let's travel in time a little...

Final Cut


25 years ago, along with the birth of millennials, there was the birth of internet that changed the course of history. From little to almost no data we have all become a part of the 4th Industrial Revolution-The Internet of Things and Big Data.

But in this high growth technological era, what really is the global scope of IoT and big data? Well, with increased, everyday usage of the internet whether it is e-mails, social media, streaming or surfing IoT is blurring the physical and digital worlds. It is also transforming industries and the way we live, work and relate to one another. According to Gartner, Inc. , there will be nearly 20.8 billion devices on the Internet of things by 2020. With large volumes of both unstructured and structured data the big data deployment stage for companies who have already invested or are planning to invest in big data is:

  • 64% for small companies,
  • 69% for mid-market companies, and
  • 86% for large enterprises

Today is the age of ‘smart’ things. With the first smart device in 1982 being a modified Coke machine at Carnegie Mellon University connected to the internet to the most recent smart homes being operated by Ipads, we have officially transitioned to a new set of systems that are bringing together digital, biological and physical technologies in powerful combinations.

With the advent of a more ‘connected’ world, all the information, systems, processes are only a click away. Drones are delivering pizzas, grocery stores are using artificial intelligence to make everything on the go and our next door Starbucks is providing ‘free’ wifi. In a society that has heavy dependence on technology for its day to day work, making sure that your data and information is secure has become critical. With Cloud and its support services, it is a no brainer that whether your systems are on-premise or outsourced the key to success is knowing your needs and requirements.

From scalability and reliability of data to preventing the hacks and security breaches, it is all in your hands!

With serverless architecture, AI and machine learning it is only a matter of time, money and minds before the world will experience yet another ‘Eureka’ moment! shutterstock_411428653 (1).jpg
Gitanjali Sharma

Written by Gitanjali Sharma

Gitanjali is the Content Manager with an expertise in new technology trends shaping the future of businesses. Her specialization is in cross cultural communication, international expansions and building brands that share a 'story'.