What's new in UPK 12.1 3rd Enablement Service Pack?

End-user adoption
By ITC Oracle Educator
September 20, 2016

Last wednesday Oracle released the new Enablement Service Pack for UPK 12.1 and we have taken up on the task of testing out each of the new features introduced to bring you a thorough analysis of what they mean for your current UPK efforts and what value can they potentially add to your business.

The ESP3 release brings us fixes of compatibility issues as well as the introduction of a PowerPoint import feature, with that said, let's get down to our findings:

Windows 10 support 

The UPK Developer used suffer major crashes, with the recorder not responding from time to time and Internet Explorer freezing up during live recording forcing you to start over whatever recording you were doing.

We tested out UPK with the ESP3 patch and it indeed eliminated all the crashes we used to witness, we performed the test on the three main Windows 10 editions including Home, Pro and Pro Education. The Record It tool also had its compatibility properties fixed, executing normally in both desktop and full screen view.


Microsoft Edge support

For the few folks out there getting fond of Windows's new default browser "Microsoft Edge" now you can record content and have the objects identified, such as link names and buttons, however, the Context Recognition is yet to be available for the browser itself, meaning that Internet Explorer is still the only 100% compatible browser with UPK. MS Edge can also play UPK topics in HTML format or player packages.


Microsoft Office 2016 support 

ESP3 brings you full compatibility with the brand new MS Office 2016, giving you the ability to import content from MS Office 2016 including files from Word, Excel and PowerPoint into a package and use them as attachament or hyperlink within a topic, and you can work in PPT 2016 for the Overlay Editor if you have the 2016 Office suite installed.

PowerPoint Import

Arguably the biggest game changer this patch provided was the importing tool for documents created using MS PowerPoint, usually you could only import the PPT files to the UPK developer as a media package or if you wanted it as a topic, you needed to record on top of the static slides.

Now users can import .pptx files into the UPK developer and have the slide decks converted automatically into a topic with the slides as explanation frames, providing the ability to edit just as any other recorded topic. All the content (Images, SmartArt, tables, etc) from the original Power Point file will be imported with no harm and you still have the ability to edit the frames with the Overlay Editor tool that drives you back to edit in PowerPoint, not as static screenshots but as dynamic content which you can edit as a normal PPT file, using all PowerPoint elements available and after all changes done, you can just save and go back to the UPK Developer to have the changes reflected to the topic. Note: The processing time from the Overlay Editor back to the Developer is overwhelmingly longer than it used to be, I guess all good things comes with a price..right?


Knowledge Center 

Of course our favorite prepackaged LMS, Knowledge Center did not get overlooked in this new update, as several enhancements have been added after Oracle reviewed the manual content importing tool (you can find it under the Manager section) and granted us an alternative import option using the ZIP package of the locally published content (Don't forget to set the SCORM format as 1.3 before publishing) and import manually into the Knowledge Center, this is particularly usefull for times when HTTP upload is not available from the publishing wizard.


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Written by ITC Oracle Educator