Oracle E-Business R12
By ITC Oracle Educator
September 15, 2017

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On September 8th, 2017 Oracle followed its tradition to launch its latest release of E-Business Suite ahead of the annual Open World conference. With release 12.2.7, Oracle is delivering functionality enhancements, error corrections, and statutory and regulatory updates along with a modernized user experience. Organizations already on EBS 12.2 can use Online Patching to gain 12.2.7 functionality.

Among the new functional and technical advances of EBS 12.2.7 we find multiple enhancements in the self-service procurement experience as well as the professional purchasing and contracting module, other areas with enhancements include Projects, Order Management, Logistics/Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Value Chain Planning, Asset Management, Advanced Scheduler, Channel Revenue Management, HCM and tools like Oracle Application Framework which easy personalization of the HTML-based User Interfaces.

Below a full list of the features the release 12.2.7 added to each module:

iProcurement: Efficient consumer-like shopping while minimizing non-catalog spend

  • Auto-suggest catalog items
  • New supplier onboarding for non-catalog & contract requests
  • New supplier creation for spot buy
  • Show procurement activities to requesters
  • New requester notifications for purchase order status updates
  • Simplified shopping cart UI
iProcurement Information Discovery: show procurement activities to requesters more visibility into procurement status for each requisition line

Purchasing / Procurement Contracts: Better compliance, operational efficiency, leverage economies of scale for savings

  • Purchasing
    • Automated grouping of multiple requests to Purchase Order
    • Validate agreement line amount during order/release submission
  • Procurement Contracts:
    • Content search and snippet review
  • Procurement Command Center
    • Support for partial search
Automated Grouping of Multiple Requests to PO: Fewer Orders to Manage and Reduced Costs with More Volume-Based Discounts

Supplier Lifecycle Management / iSupplier Portal: Improved supplier management, collaboration and risk management

  • Supplier Lifecycle Mgt:
    • Improved automated recurring assessments
    • Contact and address purpose and associate notifications
    • Streamlined visibility of dynamic supplier lists 
Address and Contact Purpose and Associated Notifications: Improved Communication and Responses from Suppliers

Project Procurement: Improved coordination & collaboration between project planners, buyers and suppliers

  • Support for technical specifications
  • Support for buyer notes
  • Support for descriptive flexfields
  • Planning by need-by date
  • Change history page UX enhancements
Plan by Need-By Date: Generate procurement plan lines by forecast dates

Projects: Aligned and efficient project planning, controls, operations and accounting

  • Project costing
    • Calculate overtime labor for work-based timecard layouts
  • Project planning & control
    • Work plan life cycle
  • Advanced project planning & control
    • Support for unit rate contracts/ schedule of values
Improved Control and Visibility of Work Plan Forecast vs Baseline: Track work plan forecast separate from baseline

Order Management: Improved automation and productivity for combinations of order offerings

  • Order Management:
    • Milestone billing
    • Manual item substitution after booking
    • Schedule order enhancements
  • Quoting
    • Quote status transition by OU; Defaults, update
  • iStore
    • Order type per specialty site; Email notification style
  • Customer Hub
    • Enhanced party merge
Billing Plan Lines for Sales Order Line in OM: More Automation for Complex Order Billing

Logistics: Improved automation and productivity for logistics flows

  • Inventory
    • Material Workbench HTML UI
    • Enh Receiving and shipping HTML UIs
  • Inventory / WMS
    • Label reprint by any user; Default Org upon login

Manufacturing: Improved productivity and expanded automation across manufacturing flows

  • Discrete MES
    • Enhanced supervisor review of operator times
    • Express complete for related job operations
  • Process manufacturing
    • Automated time based sampling
  • Cost management
    • Accrual reconciliation for consigned inventories

Value Chain Planning: Improved planner productivity and automation of planning decisions

  • Functional security for ADF UIs
  • Org and function security in supply planning and service parts planning ADF work areas
  • Production scheduling of phantoms
Control Access to Planning Data and Functions

Asset lifecycle management: Improved productivity and automation for work planning and execution for all assets

  • Enterprise Asset Management
    • Work order mass management
    • Generate preventative maintenance work order report
    • Operation completion as mandatory
    • Add supplier info for WO direct items
  • Installed base
    • WebADI for extended attributes
Improved Productivity for Maintaining Installed Base

Service: High productivity for global operatios; robust field service, spares and repairs

  • Advanced scheduling
    • Resource cost factor
  • Spares Mgt
    • Enter packing and shipping instructions for parts requirement copy part requirement
  • Field service
    • Self-Assign; Labor Debrief Checks; Consolidated Debrief Report
  • TeleService and Email Center
    • Enhanced HTML UIs
  • Depot Repair / Depot Info Discovery
    • Improved Graphs, Drilldown, Map
Better Insights and Faster Actions

Financials: Improved efficiency and automation for global operations

  • Financials
    • AR: UBL 2.1 Electronic Invoice Doc
    • Federal Fin: Fin Award Attributes
  • Channel Rev Mgt
    • Multi-Currency Claim Approval Rules
    • Standalone Channel Mgt
    • Custom Beneficiary Support
    • Qualifier Group Number Enhancement
    • Enhanced WebADI template
    • New / Enhanced HTML pages
  • Lease and Finance Mgt
    • Enhanced Invoice Consolidation; Passthroughs; Meter Readings; more

Human Capital Management: Improved Productivity for employees, managers and administrators

  • Time and Labor
    • Time Entry for Terminated Employees
    • Timekeeper Group by Supervisor
    • OT Calc for Project Work-Based Layout
  • Payroll
    • Dynamic Assignment Sets UI/WebADI
  • Learning Management
    • Test Overview for Online Assessment
    • Certification-Only Classes
Enhanced online assessments: Improved View and Easier Navigation for Learner

OAF User Experience (UX): Modern User Experience for End-users; Flexibility for administrators and developers

  • Administrator Personalization
    • Admin Personalization Workbench - WYSIWYG
    • Themes End
  • User Interactions
    • HGrid Column Freeze
    • Add to Favorites via Icons
    • Enhanced Look-Ahead LOV
    • Enhanced Attachments
Customized UI and theme control

We also held a joint webcast with Oracle yesterday, where we had the global VP of EBS product strategy, Nadia Bendjedou co-presenting with ITC Oracle experts: our CTO, Gustavo Gonzalez and our Managing Director of technology and solution, Preet Singh. We went over the future of EBS on Oracle Cloud and how to succeed in the Lift and Shift process, along with many more useful information that I’m sure EBS users would be interested in checking out, to do that, you can download the recording of the webcast here.

All the 12.2.7 release information described above are subtracted from official Oracle announcements including: Oracle EBS 12.2.7 official release announcement, Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud Blog, Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.7 Highlights: Investments Across the Suite.


Written by ITC Oracle Educator