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E-Business Suite

On the Future of Oracle EBS

Recently we had our webcast: “Oracle Cloud Is Here: EBS, What Does Your Future Hold?” which focused on the future of Oracle EBS and the new features of its latest version, Oracle EBS R12.2.5. Today we bring you a transcript of the live Q&A session...

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Oracle R12

Convert Data to R12 Q&A

Last week we had our webcast: "Convert Data to R12 On-time and On-budget", which invited everyone to rethink data conversion.  Today we bring you the transcript of the Q&A session. Remember you can always review the presentation here in case you...

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Open World

Testing Oracle EBS: Best Practices and More

Oracle OpenWorld saw a fantastic session on testing on the 26th which provided an overview of how quality assurance teams test Oracle E-Business Suite. The session covered the main areas to consider during functional testing, approaches for new...

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E-Business Suite

Managing Fixed Assets with Oracle FA

When discussing enterprise management, a key element for the daily operations of every organization is often overlooked: fixed assets. Many organizations still grapple with manual methods for fixed asset management, using data sheets which cannot...

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Oracle Time and Labor: Time for Questions

Last week we had our webcast OTL: The Key to First-Class Time Management, and we had a very lively session where our Oracle Projects and Oracle Time and Labor experts answered our attendee's questions. Today we bring you a transcript of the Q&A,...

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Subledger Accounting

8 Doubts on Oracle SubLedger Accounting

Time to answer some questions on Oracle SubLedger Accounting! Last week we had our webcast “Everything You Didn’t Know about SLA” and we had a lively Q&A session with more questions than we could answer live. Our CTO has taken the time to answer...

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Oracle China

Expanding into China with Oracle E-Business Suite: 5 Questions Answered

Last week we had our webcast: "Oracle EBS R12: The Key to a Successful China Expansion" and today we bring you the Q&A transcript. If you missed the webcast and would like to go over the recording, click here.

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General Ledger Journal Entries

9 Common Doubts on Oracle Subledger Accounting (SLA)

Subledger Accounting (SLA) is far from being a new term. However, many companies are still not familiar with the power and benefits of SLA. To shed light on SLA, we invite you to join our webinar “Everything you didn’t know about Subledger...

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Enterprise Resource Planning Testing

Your Guide to Successfully Plan and Test your R12 Upgrade

Our webcast "How to Successfully Plan and Test your R12 Upgrade" was held yesterday and we had many questions on automation, testing time frames, test planning, and more. Our experts took the time to answer all the questions and today we bring you...

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