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Oracle EBS

CTO Report from OpenWorld 2016: Time to Talk Oracle EBS

Recap:As IT Convergence’s CTO and Oracle Ace Director, I stepped away to San Francisco for two weeks to bring back the CTO Report from OpenWorld 2016. Previous entries: A Day Inside Oracle’s Headquarters, and Something for the Aces

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Asia Pacific

Tips for a Successful Business Trip to Malaysia

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is one of the fastest growing countries in the ASEAN block. Lately, business trends show that increasingly more multinationals are setting up offshore manufacturing operations in Malaysia to cater...

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Open World

CTO Report from OpenWorld 2016: Something for the Aces

Recap: As IT Convergence’s CTO and Oracle Ace Director, I stepped away to San Francisco for two weeks to bring back the chronicles of an intense, varied and unforgettable experience at Oracle’s Headquarters during OpenWorld 2016. Read the first...

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CTO Report from OpenWorld 2016: A Day Inside Oracle’s Headquarters

This year, Oracle’s flagship conference in San Francisco was all about the Cloud. Oracle Open World 2016 kept its focus on the path the company started years ago: moving each of Oracle’s 4,500 products to the Cloud while achieving complete...

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Aligning Customer and User Experience: A CloudIO Case Review

It is well-known that ‘CX’ represents Customer Experience whilst ‘UX’ represents User Experience.  The objective of a UX designer is to consider the user’s experience: from the software’s usability all the way to the information infrastructure,...

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What’s new in ANCILE uPerform 5.3

One of the main challenges that training developers are facing is leveraging the possibilities of their authoring software to create more engaging courses. The more captivating their eLearning course are, the more likely end users are to adopt...

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Oracle EBS R12.2.6

Fresh off OOW16: What’s new in Oracle EBS Release 12.2.6?

Just in time for Open World 2016, Oracle has announced the release of 12.2.6 for E-Business Suite.

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What's new in UPK 12.1 3rd Enablement Service Pack?

Last wednesday Oracle released the new Enablement Service Pack for UPK 12.1 and we have taken up on the task of testing out each of the new features introduced to bring you a thorough analysis of what they mean for your current UPK efforts and...

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Training Methodology

Health IT – How to close the EHR adoption gap and achieve true meaningful use

Over the last decade, the US healthcare industry has been on the digital transformation path, moving from paper to digital records on a quest for interoperability, enhanced patient care, and reduced costs. The US government has paved this path...

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Understanding R12.2: Cross Edition Triggers

Oracle Applications release 12.2 Online Patching architecture is mostly based on the Edition Based Redefinition database feature, which manages multiple editions that can hold a different version of a same object.

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Mitigate ERP Implementation Risks with uPerform

A new ERP system is a great way to improve business performance, align with reporting/regulatory compliance requirements and position an organization to better handle market demands. However, ERP implementations are also notoriously complex and...

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Understanding R12.2: How to Install Customizations

With the introduction of the Online Patching feature and the new development standards on Oracle Applications release 12.2, a question arises about how customizations should be installed from now on. Here are a few suggestions from our R12.2 experts...

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