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Advanced Supply Chain Planning

The evolution of Supply Chain with Technology

In today's highly competitive marketplace, it’s imperative for businesses to find new ways to streamline their supply chain and optimize productivity. With the aid of modern supply chain technology applications you can create better visibility...

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Oracle database

Oracle’s Database New Support Timelines. What’s your current Oracle Database rel...

This blog post has been updated to reflect the most recent information. Read it here

On January 26th, 2017, the Oracle Database team updated the MOS Note: 742060.1 with important details of new releases as well as extended support dates for...

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Oracle Database new license metrics for the Cloud

A few weeks ago, Oracle changed the metrics and set a new name to Amazon EC2 / RDS and Microsoft Azure--“Authorized Cloud Environments”. This change, which can be found here, introduces important considerations for the Cloud.

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How Technology Advances Changed Business Processes

4.5 billion years ago, amongst the extensive vastness of universe, there was a wandering star that sprung forth life. Little did anyone know that this small planet will become the most thriving, evolving and experiential place in the universe...

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Cloud Computing

Navigating The Cloud Maze

Modern IT trends are shaped by specific business drivers that IT & business decision makers find most critical to their organization and are they are also the primary enablers of the cloud computing revolution (HP/Forrester):

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Cloud Managed Services

Ending 2016 with a bang!

2016 was an eventful year to say the least—characterized by the losses of beloved global idols to a number of tragic geopolitical crises around the world. But, we thought we would leave you with a more positive note to end the year on—starting...

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How to Accelerate Employees' Time to Competency

Rolling Out a New Application? Here are some tips on how to accelerate time to competency for your end-users!

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Oracle UPK

How UPK can help you save time in updating your training content

As a content author, one of the biggest pain points I often face is document maintenance and sustainability, as many other fellow content authors would know, keeping up with your content's validity through time is a popular challenge. 

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UPK, your hidden gem for global and regional rollout projects

Oracle UPK is our favorite tool to leverage for global rollout projects due to its content translation and localization features (Localization in simple words, involves more than just translation.  Translation is a component of localization, but...

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Ancile uPerform

How ANCILE uPerform can streamline your software testing?

Automated testing provides several benefits to developers: detection of bugs and errors (early and later during the development), reductions in cost of failure, time saving through its repeatability and earlier verification, and leverage of the...

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Analysis of the IT Trends for 2017

The end of the year is just around the corner, and it’s open season for IT trend forecasting for 2017. Major market analysts such as Gartner and Forrester have already released their forecasts, and today I wanted to bring you our take on them,...

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End-user adoption

Oracle UPK: Your Swiss Army Knife for ERP projects - Webcast Q&A Transcript

Yesterday we presented the webcast "Oracle UPK: Your Swiss Army Knife of ERP projects", where our practice director and UPK evangelist Jordan Collard,  shared his expertise in the UPK product and how to best leverage it for software projects of...

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