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IT Trends

Acceso a Datos de una Base de Oracle Applications desde un Proceso UiPath

Como parte de la automatización de procesos en organizaciones que utilizan la aplicación Oracle E-Business Suite es habitual requerir información de esta aplicación para incorporarla a las acciones o lógica de negocios ejecutada. Pero tener acceso...

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IT Trends

Automatización Robótica de Procesos: ¿Qué es RPA y Cómo Funciona?

A pesar de que la Automatización Robótica de Procesos o Robotic Process Automation en inglés (RPA) ha estado allí desde hace algún tiempo, los niveles de adopción han estado creciendo gracias a las nuevas plataformas de software y servicios que...

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Accounts Payable

Optimizing Accounts Payable: Don't Stop at Automation

Accounts Payable Automation.

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Oracle Cloud ERP

El Futuro de la Nube

Como se reafirmó recientemente en Oracle Open World 2018, el futuro sigue regido por la nube. En algunas de las keynotes del evento, tanto Larry Ellison, CTO de Oracle, como Mark Hurd, CEO de Oracle, recordaron predicciones de la nube, realizadas...

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EBS 12.2

Getting to work Enterprise Command Center (ECC) for E-Business Suite 12.2

A few days ago, we received the good news from the Oracle E-Business Suite team, announcing the availability of Enterprise Command Centers for EBS, also known as ECC for short among a series of innovations including the new release 12.2.8.

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Cloud strategy

A Bimodal Approach to Optimizing IT: 4 Things to Consider

Cloud computing was popularized over a decade ago, but years later, it hasn't stopped feeling like the next new thing.

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IT Sourcing: What is it and Why does it matter?

In today’s world, fast changing technology and evolving business objectives had made it essential for companies that want to be competitive, to decide what services they can continue supporting internally, and what services to source externally.

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Oracle BI Analytics

[Webinar Q&A] Getting Started with Oracle Analytics Cloud

Last week, we held a joint webinar with Oracle about Business Intelligence in the Cloud - specifically Oracle Analytics Cloud. During our Q&A session at the end of the webinar, the audience had a chance to ask a few questions to our presenters. You...

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Oracle R12 Upgrade

Oracle Soar, the Announcement of Oracle's Migration Offering to Oracle SaaS

Larry Ellison took to stage on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 at the Oracle Conference Center unveiling a new offering for Oracle Cloud SaaS. The new “offering” is a package of tools and services called Oracle Soar, and it is intended to speed up and...

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Oracle SaaS

Oracle's New SaaS Support Services Explained

A few weeks back, Mark Hurd made an announcement to all Oracle Software as a Service (SaaS) customers regarding platinum support. “Oracle SaaS applications customers will be able to take advantage of the new SaaS Support Services at no extra...

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Oracle EBS

3 Technology Highlights Introduced at Collaborate 18

<< Read the previous entry: Collaborate 18 Recap.As promised, here are a few highlights regarding news on the Oracle E-Business Suite side, such as how you can work on the preparation for the upcoming EU GDPR as well as new products that will be...

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Collaborate 18

Recap of Collaborate 2018

Every year, the three major user groups for Oracle technology unite in a single crowded event with a focus on education, networking and the goal of empowering users of Oracle Applications and Databases to gain greater value from their investments.

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