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There's Over 100,000 Identified Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities. Which Ones Are Yo...

Vulnerability scanning has become a tenant of any holistic security plan. It’s an excellent practice, inspecting potential weak spots in a system and identifying which pose the biggest threats. But as nice as it would be, you can’t scan for all...

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global ERP implementation

Local versus Global: How to Achieve the Right Balance in your Global ERP Rollout

Going from multiple local systems to a single global ERP system can present challenges in different areas that could make the implementation a painful experience for both the headquarters and the local subsidiary, unless carefully managed....

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Global ERP Rollout



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Financial Analytics

How Financial Analytics Can Transform Your Business

Modern finance has evolved beyond the traditional financial statements and reports. CFOs are embracing advanced analytics to increase efficiency in finance processes and partner with the business for actionable insight. Organizations are looking...

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Global ERP Rollout

3 Critical Questions to Build your Global ERP Rollout's Business Case

Businesses that have grown outside of their country limits, face the situation of managing and controlling operations with different legal, taxation and accounting standards. In order to address this, they have relied on a local systems, but...

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Did you know? Cloud Misconfiguration and Mismanagement are the Biggest Security ...

A recent report from Gartner on the top security priorities for 2019 posits that “Nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of customer misconfiguration, mismanagement and mistakes.” This should bring two major issues to the...

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Modern ERP

7 Things CIOs Should Look for in a Modern ERP System

“By 2022, organizations that continuously improve their SaaS ERP will realize 50% more business value through adopting the latest best practices in frequent vendor releases.”

- Gartner

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Cloud Managed Services

A 4 Step-Checklist for Surviving the Move to Cloud for Life Science Companies

Not every business benefits from a lightning-fast move to the Cloud. While younger and less mature organizations may have the agility for a quick lift and shift execution, more established businesses often have concerns around cost and governance...

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managed services

DevOps and Automation: Why Managed Services Alone Isn’t Enough

The debate over Cloud has long been over. To stay competitive in today’s market, the need for the capabilities and cost-cutting potential of cloud computing is undeniable, making the move to cloud inevitable.

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