Location, Location, Location or in UPK’s Case Localization, Localization, Localization!

End-user adoption
By Matea Ferk
July 24, 2013
In today’s economy, the business is done at a global level. Global organizations have operations and workforces in different locations around the globe. While this presents a lot of advantages, one constant challenge is language. One simple example of this challenge lies in training end-users of global enterprise resource planning solutions.

Research has shown, time and time again, that it is best to train end users in their native language to improve both system proficiency and ensure end-user adoption.  Training end-users in their native language has been proved to be the best solution concerning end-user adoption .

Oracle User Productivity Kit (Oracle UPK) provides a solution through its able to solve this challenge “Localization” feature.  UPK boasts the ability to incorporate localized (translated) content into its content repository.  Whether it’s for training or testing purposes, UPK allows developers to tailor content to different geographical areas and audiences with a single, unified process.

The best part is that the developer does not have to know the native language to translate the content.  By exporting a topic’s content, the developer can make the file available to the native speaker either through a Word or XLIFF document that can then be edited and re-imported into the topic.  The next step is to re-record the topic in the native environment so that the screen shots reflect the displayed language in Oracle or in any other application.

UPK Localization feature substantially reduces the time needed to record business processes in a different language, increasing the ROI on a global ERP rollout.

IT Convergence’s UPK Consultants have supported many global ERP rollouts and developed UPK content in many languages including:

  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • French

Interested in finding out more about UPK content localization to support a  global Oracle ERP implementation/upgrade or training initiative?  Visit ITC’s UPK mini site  page here. You should also consider registering for our August 21st webcast “Support Your Entire ERP Project LifeCycle with UPK.”

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Matea Ferk

Written by Matea Ferk

Matea is a Senior Consultant within the Education line of business. She specializes in the development of education and training solutions, as well as change management and project management to enable a successful end user adoption during ERP upgrades or implementations. She is a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and she also holds certifications for Oracle UPK and Ancile uPerform.