Oracle IFRS Solutions – One Hot Ticket

By ITC Oracle Educator
April 9, 2010

You know a topic is hot when people start registering for one of your company’s webcasts before there is any mention of it on your website.

And that is exactly that has happened with our May 7th Webcast “Decoding IFRS Accounting Standards for Oracle Users.”

Earlier this week we published our webpage dealing with IFRS solutions for Oracle users, and we also took advantage of that opportunity to mention the presentation "IFRS for Beginners, an overview of the International Financial Reporting Standards" (Session #4359) that IT Convergence President Patrick Krause will be delivering at Collaborate 10.

Although we had planned to do a webcast on AFRS on May 7th, we had no yet made mention of it on our Website. That didn’t stop 5 people from registering for the webcast, however….

Oracle Vendor Product Awareness Sessions

…There is actually a simple explanation for this.

Our May 7th Webcast is part of the Oracle Applications User Group’s Vendor Product Awareness sessions, and is now being advertised on the OAUG’s site. The registration information had to be created and submitted to the OAUG several weeks ago, and as a famous radio personality used to say, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

You Can Register Today

In due course, we’ll have a web banner, mailers, and additional blog posts to advertise the Webcast. But you needn’t wait for that as you can simply click here and register for “Decoding IFRS Standards for Oracle Users.”

Written by ITC Oracle Educator