How UPK can help you save time in updating your training content

Oracle UPK
By ITC Oracle Educator
December 1, 2016

As a content author, one of the biggest pain points I often face is document maintenance and sustainability, as many other fellow content authors would know, keeping up with your content's validity through time is a popular challenge. 

I can only imagine what technical writers have to deal with since any content created can become obsolete in a blink of an eye every time a software upgrade is announced, making the maintenance of software documentation particularly challenging.

So it gives me great pleasure to be able to share a perk I especially enjoy from the Oracle UPK content creation platform, which in my opinion will despair a number of headaches to fellow content authors out there.

One of the highest productive values from the UPK tool is the fact that you can easily create and update content without having to go back and recreate everything from scratch every time the content needs an update. 

The trick is to use UPK when creating software related content and simulations, and when a software upgrade happens, and the change is not dramatic enough to scrap the entire content you had created previously, you can go to your current UPK content library, go to the specific frames or interfaces/fields where affected changes took place, replace that specific part of the content and republish everything in a matter of a click. This way you can save a great time and effort to reproduce new material.

This is one of the simple but valuable benefits that UPK brings to organizations, helping with content maintenance and sustainability in significant dimensions, here is an infographic of all UPK benefits for a quick visual glance at what other aspects you can leverage UPK for.

If you want to read more about using UPK to boost your documentation processes, check out this eBook with a detailed overview and step by step guide of how UPK speeds up your documentation creation and maintenance productivity.

Want to learn more? check out more of our UPK blogs or request a UPK Demo or Health-check (Assessment) with our experts so you can see UPK in action and the several areas it can potentially help your business goals.  

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Written by ITC Oracle Educator