Ending 2016 with a bang!

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By ITC Oracle Educator
December 28, 2016

2016 was an eventful year to say the least—characterized by the losses of beloved global idols to a number of tragic geopolitical crises around the world. But, we thought we would leave you with a more positive note to end the year on—starting with the brilliant healthcare accomplishments realized in 2016, such as:

  • Advances in AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria treatments
  • The shrinking map of infectious diseases world wide
  • More countries eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis

The scientific community also made breakthroughs in space travel, getting us closer to a life in Mars perhaps? And how about the fact that 'Gravitational Waves' were finally confirmed 100 years after Einstein created the theory!

The Olympics gave the sports community new legends and landmarks, with Michael Phelps winning a record of 23 gold medals in total and Usain Bolt becoming the fastest man alive. 

To continue the great news, 2016 gave ITC a lot to celebrate! Because of each and every one of our loyal customers, we are extremely proud to say that we ended 2016 with:

100% customer retention, and

21%  new customer acquisition!

But, what does 100% customer retention rate mean? According to Harvard Business Review, on average US corporations lose 50% of their customers over a time span of 5 years, which is why reaching a 100% customer satisfaction is an achievement that no commercial vendors can take lightly. 

For any IT Hosting & Managed services provider, that is the most meaningful metric that we are all measured against, it indicates an extremely high customer satisfaction level, organizational health, and it beats out a majority of other vendors in the market.

Such an achievement translates into a seal of approval from our customers for being:

  • A trusted partner and advisor
  • Enabling a clear channel of communication
  • The expertise that allows us to anticipate our customer’s needs
  • Having the flexibility to customize our offerings needs

Oh, and did we mention that our new customer acquisition rate in 2016 was 21%? According to Bain & Co. acquiring a new customer is six to seven times harder than retaining existing customers. Our track record in helping businesses chose the technology that will provide the best business outcomes and references from customers reaping the ROI benefits has helped us to win, and keep our customers.

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Written by ITC Oracle Educator