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Nuevas Modificaciones en Facturación Electrónica en México

El 1ro de Julio de 2016 entran en vigencia en México modificaciones al sistema de facturación electrónica establecido por el Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT).

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E-Business Suite

8 Tips to Consider before Attempting an Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 Upgrade

There are several considerations to take into account when deciding to take on an Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 upgrade. Our experts have brought it down to 8 points for your convenience.

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Oracle E-Business Suite

Applying R12.2 Development Standards to Custom Programs

Release 12.2 of Oracle Applications introduces a new set of R12.2 development standards required to support the Online Patching feature.

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Oracle Cloud

Migrate Your HR Data into HCM Cloud - QA

Last week we had our webcast: "Painless Method to Get Your Data Migrated from EBS into HCM Cloud", which focused on RapidConv, a tool for facilitating the data migration into ERP Cloud. Today we bring you a quick transcript of the questions we took...

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Colombia Begins Trial Period for New Electronic Invoicing System

Colombia has officially started the trial period for its new Electronic Invoicing system. The new reporting policy announced by the local statutory institution, the Dirección de Impuestos y Aduana Nacionales (DIAN), anticipates that companies...

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La Contabilidad Electrónica ha llegado a Colombia

Recientemente Colombia inició el período de pruebas para sus nuevas reformas fiscales y políticas de facturación electrónica anunciadas por la Dirección de Impuestos y Aduana Nacionales (DIAN), por lo que compañías con operaciones en este país...

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Handling Oracle LMS with HPE UD Webcast Questions

This week ITC teamed up with HPE to bring you our webcast “Discover Oracle LMS in 1, 2, 3!” featuring HPE’s Universal Discovery (HPE UD) for handling Oracle license management. Today we bring you a transcript of the Q&A session that followed the...

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Oracle 12.1

Questions on Rolling Out Oracle in Latin America

Last week we had our webcast: Customer Success: Equifax’s Journey to Oracle R12 in Latin America, where Daniel Moffet, VP of Financial Systems and Reporting at Equifax, shared how this Financial Services company rolled out Oracle E-Business Suite...

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China Golden Tax Compliance

Conquering China’s Complexity QA

Our webcast “Conquering China’s Complexity and Localization with Oracle R12” was presented last week, and it featured the hot topic of the region (China's tax policy change starting may 1st, which you can read about here. )  Today we bring you...

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Ancile uPerform

Accelerate Software Adoption with Ancile uPerform Q&A

Last week we had our webcast: “Accelerate Software Adoption with Ancile uPerform” where Ancile uPerform experts walked us through the features of this comprehensive enterprise performance support solution. Today we bring you the transcript of the...

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Oracle R12

The Road to Your Oracle R12.2 Upgrade - Q&A

This week we had our webcast: "The Road to R12.2: How Offshore Can Be the Way to GO", which focused on an alternative to make your Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 Upgrade in the most cost-efficient way. Today we bring you a few questions from our live...

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What It Takes to Migrate Oracle Environments Between On Premise, Cloud and Data ...

If you are looking at migrating your Oracle environment - what are your options?

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