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Did you know? Cloud Misconfiguration and Mismanagement are the Biggest Security ...

A recent report from Gartner on the top security priorities for 2019 posits that “Nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of customer misconfiguration, mismanagement and mistakes.” This should bring two major issues to the...

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Modern ERP

7 Things CIOs Should Look for in a Modern ERP System

“By 2022, organizations that continuously improve their SaaS ERP will realize 50% more business value through adopting the latest best practices in frequent vendor releases.”

- Gartner


Implementing a modern cloud ERP system to transform...

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Managed Services Provider

A 4 Step-Checklist for Surviving the Move to Cloud for Life Science Companies

Not every business benefits from a lightning-fast move to the Cloud. While younger and less mature organizations may have the agility for a quick lift and shift execution, more established businesses often have concerns around cost and governance...

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Oracle Development Services

DevOps and Automation: Why Managed Services Alone Isn’t Enough

The debate over Cloud has long been over. To stay competitive in today’s market, the need for the capabilities and cost-cutting potential of cloud computing is undeniable, making the move to cloud inevitable.

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Oracle ERP Cloud

9 Key Advantages of Oracle ERP Cloud vs. Oracle EBS

For many IT departments, ERP systems have often meant large, costly, and time-consuming deployments that require substantial investments in hardware or infrastructure. Moving ERP to the cloud allows businesses to lower their support costs and...

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Robotic Automation Process

Automating your Little Daily Tasks with RPA

For those of us who are enthusiastic about process automation and the benefits that Robotic process automation or RPA technology generates, it’s always nice to see how RPA use is expanding quickly inside organizations after the technology is...

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Robotic Automation Process

Integrating Applications using RPA technology

Robotic process automation technologies or RPA, are mostly used to replace manual tasks with others that can be executed automatically.

This includes activities such as file management, scan, open and send emails, get and enter information...

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Access Oracle Applications data from a Robotic Process built with UiPath

As part of the automation of processes inside a company that works with the Oracle Application we frequently need to get information from the E-Business Suite database to incorporate into the logic of the processes we are automating. Having...

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Adjustments required before a process can be automated

When I’m asked what are the most critical areas in the automation of a process using Robotic Automation Processing or RPA technology, my counterparts usually expect I provide technical details about different activities or tips about the...

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UiPath Enterprise Framework process

Automating a process applying Robotic Process Automation or RPA techniques can be an easy or complex job based on several elements:

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IT Trends

Robotic Process Automation: What is RPA and How Does it Work?

Even though Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been there for some time now, adoption levels have been growing thanks to newer software platforms and services being delivered. In this blog we take a quick look on what RPA is, principal use...

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Robotic Automation Process

Definición de Procesos Administrativos en RPA

Cuando me preguntan cuáles son las áreas más críticas en la automatización de procesos utilizando tecnologías de Robotic Process Automation o RPA, generalmente se espera que la respuesta incluya detalles técnicos de distintas actividades, o...

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