Reporting in Oracle E-Business Suite: Opt for optimization

IT Convergence
By ITC Oracle Educator
May 5, 2010

Familiar with the feeling of knowing which results you want to obtain, but just not exactly which measure to use to obtain them?More specifically, you know which information you’d like to obtain, but not sure which reporting tool is best to get (to) that information?

If you’re using Oracle E-Business Suite and you’re getting ready for some serious reporting, the OAUG and IT Convergence might have just the solution for you to make up your mind.

The workshop “Reporting options for Oracle E-Business Suite” is directly directed at this reporting dilemma and will enable you to review and compare various reporting tools for the Oracle E-Business Suite, including OBIEE, Noetix, and Discoverer.

You’ll learn about various E-Business Suite reporting tools and discover what each tool potentially offers your organization. Specifically, you'll analyze Oracle E-Business Suite reporting from operational, analytical, and business intelligence perspectives.

The workshop “Reporting options for Oracle E-Business Suite” is organized by the OAUG and ITC and will be held in New York from June 21st-24th, 2010.

But that’s not all. This workshop goes beyond theory. You will not just learn about the different aspects of each tool, you will actually start using the reporting tools discussed in class.

This hands-on practice will help you identify which reporting tools for the Oracle E-Business Suite have the elements you need to transform data into useful information for your organization. Moreover, you’ll gain a solid understanding of how each reporting tools works.
As a consequence of this practice, participants of this workshop will be able to make an informed decision about which tool(s) is best to optimize reporting across their organization.

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Written by ITC Oracle Educator