Oracle R12 Upgrade - Preparation is Everything!

By ITC Oracle Educator
April 19, 2010

So you’ve been looking at the calendar and notice that your Oracle Footprint is about to be de-supported and will need to be updated, many questions will have to be answered before considering the notion of taking the next step to Oracle Release 12.

Nobody understands your Oracle footprint better than you! The primary reason why project’s of this undertaking fail is because they lack structure and guidance. The focus of the upcoming Preparing for an R12 Upgrade Workshop is it helps establish what you don’t know and renders insight on what you and your team should expect.

Achieve the results you expect by understanding the best direction for your next move, whether it comes in the form of an Upgrade or a Re-Implementation. Technical and Functional areas that will be covered during the class, include; hardware requirements, planning, conversion strategies to configuration, user adoption and documentation to support the Upgrade. Once all the bases have been covered you’ll be ready with a concrete plan that is sure to make your plans a success.

IT Convergence is a company that takes its own medicine! We’re not only responsible for over a great deal of the Global Implementations but we also are running a Footprint supported on Release 12. Learn Oracle Solutions from our team of Oracle Champions, veteran implementers and professional instructors.

The Oracle Applications User Group and IT Convergence have paired up to offer this Workshop, along with an array of Oracle Applications Workshops. Take your first step in the right direction; ask the questions and get the answers you need before you start.

The next Preparing for an Oracle R12 Upgrade Workshop will be held in New York from May rd to the th, 2010. Be sure to reserve your place and move your career in the fast lane, click here to go to our website.

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ITC Oracle Educator

Written by ITC Oracle Educator